The Parish Council's Role

The Parish Council is an important part of the structure of local democracy and has a vital role in acting on behalf of the communities they represent. They have a wide range of powers which essentially relate to local matters. The Parish Council also:- 

  • give views, on behalf of the parish in relation to planning applications and other proposals that affect the parish;
  • undertake work and projects that will benefit the parish;
  • work in partnership with other organisations to achieve benefits for the parish;
  • inform other organisations of problems that arise or work that needs to be undertaken; and
  • help the other levels of local government keep in touch with their local communities.


Your Parish Council is here to protect and look after the parish and make sure that everything which makes our parish unique and special is not spoilt by unsympathetic and selfish developments. Finding that fine line between maintaining distinctive and attractive features, whilst helping the parish to change and adapt is not an easy task. It is only possible when the views and opinions of all parishioners are heard.

All planning applications received by South Gloucestershire Council that relate to our parish are sent to the Parish Council for due consideration. Individual planning applications are placed on the next Parish Council Agenda for due deliberation and comment. These comments are then forwarded to South Gloucestershire Council where the ultimate decision rests with them. The Parish Council are then notified of South Gloucestershire Council's decision. 


The Precept is the Parish Council's share of the council tax, and is used to help improve life for the local community in many ways. Each year the Parish Council is obliged to assess how much money is required to effectively administer the parish. This is done through a budget process where receipts and payments are considered for the forthcoming year. In the case of Iron Acton income is realised primarily from the cemetery, allotment rents and VAT return. Expenditure comprises primarily of grasscutting fees, general maintenance of open spaces, clerks salary, and insurance. The Parish Council then notifies South Gloucestershire Council of the amount of money required, which is sent to the Parish Council in two equal amounts in April and September each year.