Iron Acton Parish

Iron Acton is a small rural parish to the north of Bristol, within the county of South Gloucestershire.  Nestled between Frampton Cotterell and Yate, the parish includes the small farming area of Latteridge to the north west, the areas of North Road, Mission Road, Tanhouse Lane, Broad Lane, Yate Road, Stover Road and Engine Common to the east, with Iron Acton village to the south.  Mining took place in the Engine Common area and consisted of eight mines which were at their peak from about 1830 to 1890.   

Mention is made of a small settlement in this area as far back as the Doomsday Book. The generally agreed meaning of the name Iron Acton suggest that 'iron' originates from the mining of iron that used to take place near the village, whilst 'acton' means "many oak trees". Still today there is an oak woodland within the parish situated alongside the River Frome and is locally referred to a Chilwood.

The parish is an interesting combination of very old properties, through the years to more modern-day dwellings, a sprinkling of bungalows as well as affordable housing.   The older part of the village was designated a Conservation Area on 30 July 1975 and is unique in that none of the houses are numbered, causing only a minor problem to an unfamiliar postman !

The village is also very proud of its Village Green with essential May Pole, where May Day is celebrated each year with a village fair, involving the whole parish, and traditional dancing. However the parish of Iron Acton can boast not one, but two village greens, the second village green being located in Latteridge.