Village Green

To advise the travellers have now moved from the village green which is good news for all concerned, on behalf of the Parish Council we are sorry for any inconvenience that has been caused, however this is something that was out of our hands and needed to be dealt with following due process.

 To answer your questions

In regards to time scales for convening a meeting, please see below the clerks report sent to all councillors following receiving communication regarding the travellers.

To advise:

I received first communication at 17.27 that caravans were pulling onto the village green from a parishioner, further phone calls were received from councillors and members of the public within 10 minutes.

At 17:48 I called 101 to report the issue, I was on hold for approx. 10 minutes, I was asked to confirm how many caravans were on site and the full location, I drove down to the village green and counted 6 caravans/trailers, I was advised this was not a police issue but a council issue.

Further communication was had with Bob Sheppard and Brian Hackland.

I called back 101 and advised of the numbers on site and that the land was owned by the parish council and I had the byelaws to hand should they need them, the response was that this was being looked into and a police car would be dispatched shortly, my contact details were given to the police and was told they would be in touch if they required anything.

I spoke via phone to Marian Lewis at 19;23 who advised that she would speak to the chair from Chipping Sodbury who has had plenty of dealings with travellers on the common, Marian called me back and advised that the best course of action would be to speak to the travellers and ask them what their plans were, not to antagonise them by thrusting paper at them but to request a time scale as to how long they had planned on staying and if they had not moved when they said they would to issue formal notice and follow the procedure, further information could be found on the south glos website with a helpline number.

At 20;04 myself and Brian Hackland went to the village green and I spoke with them, we introduced ourselves and asked what their plans were, they were polite and said they were here on an overnight stop as they were heading South and did not intend to stay and would be gone by approx. 5/6pm tomorrow evening at this point we thanked them for the timescale and left and I am now emailing you all with a update.

As of yet I have not heard back from the police but if I do and anything further develops I will let you know in due course.

Next stage of events.

Thursday 6:30pm I visited the green and they had not moved as advised, I spoke to them and they gave a story saying they were awaiting for another group to head this direction and that they would be meeting them on the M4 and leave.

During Thursday full advice was gained from South Glos Travellers team, ALCA solicitors and SLCC Solicitors in the event that they did not leave, the process was not straight forward and the issue was a civil matter and not criminal. I made contact with the police on 3 occasions requesting updates as our byelaws had been sent, but the response was an eviction notice needed to be issued from the Parish Council, but a due process needed to be followed in the meantime, which included site visits and well being checks of which I carried out.

 Friday: I started the procedure to convene a meeting Unfortunately the Chairman was on holiday and the Vice chairman had resigned at the end of April, however I sought legal advice and convened a meeting on the approval of two councillors. Under the Local Government Act there is a act which states that meetings need to be summoned and three clear days' notice needs to be given not including the date of the summons or the date of the meeting and the agenda needs to be made public, this act meant that the earliest we could lawfully convene a meeting was Wednesday. Unfortunately it took a while to arrange a room to hold a meeting as there was no room available and again there is a law about where we hold our meetings, both the Village Hall was booked all week and so was the Marshall rooms. I had to work with the village hall to move there bookings to allow us to have the lobby room, thanks goes to the village hall for making the required changes. Once I had confirmed the room I published the agenda and updated the website.

During Thursday and Friday a lot of time was spent speaking with different organisations and the police and following the due process, it was not a case of just moving them on. The Parish Council can only make decisions at a full council meeting and this was due to happen on Wednesday, the first stage of the process started on Wednesday and continued every day with different procedures we needed to follow to ensure when we went to court we could gain an eviction notice. Visits were made on both Saturday and Sunday by myself to enable a full report to be given to ensure we followed due procedure. 

Monday am a site visit was made and advised they would be leaving at 3pm, South Glos travellers team visited the site to complete the well being assessment as part of the process, this was declined by the travellers.
Further advice and costings were sought through the insurance team the solicitors and South Glos team and we would have been looking at costs of over £3000 to gain the eviction notice.

Once I received communication that the travellers had left the site, Councillor Hackland advised that he would start clearing the rubbish of which he did and collected 25 black sacks. I have arranged with South Glos to have the rubbish bags removed ASAP.

Hopefully this report will give a better insight as to the work that was completed in removing the travellers, as a result of the incident the Parish Council will look at ways to avoid this happening again and if any measures can be put in place.


Councillor Peter Bellis has formally resigned from the Parish Council after serving 19 years on the Parish Council, during his time Peter served as a Councillor, Vice Chairman and also the Chairman and dedicated his time and commitment to the Parish Council, his knowledge and expertise will be missed. The Parish Council wish to thank Peter for his time spent serving the Parish Council. 


"On 5 February 2018 South Gloucestershire Council announced a consultation on its revised Local Plan. This follows the earlier consultation on the West of England Joint Spatial Strategy and is intended to take forward its proposals for strategic development locations along with smaller developments in the towns and villages of South Gloucestershire. It includes the plan for a major new housing development within Iron Acton Parish (the North West Yate Strategic Development Location). The consultation will run from 5 February to 30 April. You can find the details at this link We will provide further details shortly of how the proposals are likely to affect Iron Acton Parish."




Headline - 1000-2000 home planning decision being considered which would create a large housing estate on the east end of Iron Acton Parish affecting Yate Road, Nibley lane, Bridge Road, Hope Road & Dyers Lane

There is a very impactive planning consultation by SGC with a deadline of 10th January 2018. This is about SGC working together with Bath & NE Somerset, Bristol and North Somerset, to provide for a total of 105,000 homes over the next 20 years. They have already effectively decided that this means SGC building 32,500 homes which in turn means they want to build 1000-2000 of them in our parish.

The issue has been slightly confused by the fact that the 'here' that they have described is being called 'North West Yate' - the bombshell is that actually this means a large part of Iron Acton parish, covering North Road round westwards and southwards to Nibley and swallowing up large tracts of Dyers Lane, Yate Road up to the village side of the Esso garage and halfway along Nibley Lane as far as the river Frome.

The Parish Council response has now been submitted  Read

 Here is the link to the JSP home page 

Where you can find further information


Vacancy - Following the resignation of Councillor Mark Kavanagh - Iron Acton ward  - We now have a vacancy to fill, please see attached Vacancy Notice - Read

Details of news and information which may be of interest to Parishioners.

Chill Wood

5 Year Management Plan - read

Following the receipt of a 5 year management plan for Chill Wood - Iron Acton Parish Council held a working party at Chill Wood of which Councilors and the public were invited,  to discuss the options available to us. The recommendations and plan have now been submitted to South Gloucestershire council for planning approval (Planning Application - PK16/1408/TRE available on South Gloucestershire Council website) which has now been approved with conditions.

If anybody requires any further information or wish to make any comments please do not hesitate to contact your Councilor's or the Clerk. (Posted April 2016)