Information supplied by Iron Acton Parish Council's Chairman Robert Lomas
Welcome to the Chairman's Page.

I hope that this can be a means of letting parishioners, especially those who are unable to get to Parish Council meetings, have some idea of what's going on, what we are doing that we think is good, what we are doing because there's no choice, and maybe what some of our thought processes are.


What I write is an attempt to fairly report on some issues that reader may find of interest. But it is my own view and cannot be relied upon as the definitive opinion of the Council as a whole

A while ago we finally finished the improvements to the young children’s play area in the Parish Meadows. It has already been used quite extensively. We all hope our children enjoy it. However, although we were lobbied hard by resident to accept the offer of the ex. boat “Gloria Jean” which persuaded us to accept it as an item of play equipment, which by the way Acton Aid donated considerable moving costs for, we have a continued problem of vandalism on it. As many know, quite a lot of work had to be done on it to remove injury risks before it was deemed acceptable as an item of play equipment. (Thanks again to Acton Aid help). So it is annoying that, presumably young people, damage it and continue the costs on the Council which is your money. We are duty bound to keep it in good repair so any damage that could cause a hazard to users has to be repaired.

We have continued our programme of gradual tree friendly management of Chill Wood woodland based on professional advice.

So far, following their own structure plan policies, no massive house building development has been permitted by the Planning Authority (South Glos Council) within the parish. But houses are needed and land developers are still proposing land in their control locally be used to help increase the supply. The still not totally finalised Structure Plan, will soon be superseded by the West of England Combined Spatial Plan which is going through its stages of consultation. This covers the “West of England Combined Authority” WECA for short, (South Glos + Bristol + BANES) plus North Somerset. I predict we will be consulted about applications for development more and more. seems to the way in to info and consultation.

We are now about to decide how much we want to ask Council Tax payers to contribute to what we do. If you want to make a representation about this or anything else we have an opportunity just prior to Council Meetings under “Public Participation”. The Budget is due to be decided at the November 20th meeting. It so far looks like, that taking into account cost rises, mitigated by finishing the play area may allow for no increase.

Robert (Bob) Lomas, Chairman