Open Spaces & Amenities

As a rural parish, Iron Acton is fortunate enough to have plenty of open space!

Village Greens - Iron Acton Parish can proudly boast two village greens - the first located within the village of Iron Acton and the second located in Latteridge. The Parish Council is responsible for the maintenance and grasscutting of both greens. Both of these areas are protected by the Commons Act 1876 and the Enclosure Act 1857.

Parish Meadow


Comprising some 4.5 acres of open space, this land was purchased by the Parish Council in 1978 for the recreational use of the whole Parish.  The Parish Meadow can be found within Iron Acton village, just behind the Parish Hall on the High Street.

The Parish Meadow also provides two tennis courts, a play area with play equipment, and an open field complete with a goal post.  A stream cuts through the Meadow and the bridge is an ideal place to play Pooh Sticks!  The fenced-off play area has a seesaw, swings, climbing net, stepping stones and assorted climbing frames provided for children up to the age of 11 years.  There are also picnic benches.  The Parish Meadow is a great place to walk the dog or just relax and enjoy the quiet solitude surrounded by trees and meadow flowers.

Chill Wood - This is a small area of Designated Ancient Woodland, made up primarily of Oak woodland situated to the south of the Parish, alongside the River Frome at Tubbs Bottom. The woodland was very generously given to the parish by Drs. John and Barbara Naish in 1979 for use by parishioners. Although there are no public footpaths through the woodland, Permissive Paths allow members of the public to walk through and enjoy this area. The Frome Valley Walkway also runs alongside the river, and is accessible via Frampton End Road.

Dyers Pond - The Parish Council is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of this coaching pool which can be found at the junction of Dyers Lane and Yate Road (B4058). Each year at the beginning of winter, one third of the pond is cleared with the debris being left to the side for a few days to allow the newts and invertebrates to return to the pond.

Footpaths & Public Rights of Way - Iron Acton Parish is criss-crossed by many footpaths which are open to members of the public to walk and enjoy. For further information on footpaths, public rights of way and responsibilities, please see "Parish Council's Guide to Public Rights of Way" PTE-07-0006 as issued on South Gloucestershire Council's website.

Cemetery - The Parish Council is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and management of the Cemetery which is located to the rear of St. James the Less Church. The Clerk is responsible for the administration of the cemetery and ensuring that burial records are up to date. The area now occupying the cemetery was originally called 'Church Fields' and was eventually passed to the Parish Council in January 1908. 

Allotments - Iron Acton Parish has two areas of allotments - Nibley Lane and Station Road. Nibley Lane comprises 28 plots and Station Road comprises 10 plots. The current rent per annum is £25.00. There is currently a short waiting list, with parishioners taking precedence over non-parishioners. If you wish to enquire about availability or wish to join the waiting list, please contact the Clerk.